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Hospitality Guest Wi-Fi Services. Wireless Heatmap.

Suite Solutions are experts in wireless networking and guest WiFi for hospitality and are leaders in the design and implementation of wireless networks in to large hotels, conference facilities and leisure facilities.
We offer a range of solutions to cover the needs of your business and the ever-increasing demands of guests for a high quality wireless network. We offer a range of options to cover everything from large 5* hotel and conference centres to more cost effective solutions for smaller and budget properties, many of our solutions are available with our unique Occupancy Based Pricing option.
Services we provide include:

– Detailed wireless coverage survey, including marked CAD

– Wireless network design. Standalone and Converged.

– Wireless network installation.

– Support and monitoring 24/7/265

– Guest portal with free to guest and chargeable options

– PMS Integration

We have solutions for single access point to large-scale deployment across multiple locations.

Before providing any guest Wi-Fi solutions we will produce a Fluke AirMagnet wireless heatmap which will stop a hotel needing to guess just how good or bad their WiFi may be. It will clearly show exactly what the coverage is in a particular area and help highlight if any additional Access Points are needed… or simply need repositioning! After all guest surveys show that the No.1 complaint in most hotels is poor WiFi.