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About Us

Suite Solutions is a Canadian provider of wired and wireless networking and consulting services, headquartered in Saskatoon SK.

People, particularly today’s business traveler, are becoming increasingly more reliant upon technology to keep up with our fast paced world. Everyone is “connected” these days. As a result, providing high-speed Internet access to your guests is no longer optional. It has become a standard in the hospitality industry– it’s not only expected, it’s demanded. In fact, many independent and industry guest surveys often rank a quality in-room Internet access experience above all other in-room amenities and entertainment options.

Suite Solutions has provided guest Internet services to hotels, motels, MDU’s and resorts throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba since 1999. It’s no accident that we have become one of the largest privately-held hotel HSIA providers in Canada, thanks to our commitment to offering exceptional service, our implementation of the absolute best technology, our cherished clients, and our extraordinary team.

Suite Solutions provides your guests with the ability to get the information and services they need, when they need, from wherever they are by providing the highest quality Internet access and support. We strive to obtain the highest level of service available in our industry, while continually working to improve and advance our offerings– providing more value to our clients and their guests, customers, or tenants.

Our primary focus is the integration of Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) and network related services into hospitality (hotels, motels, resorts), and larger scale multi-dwelling unit (MDU) residential properties (condominiums, apartments, gated communities, universities). Suite Solutions handles all aspects of network implementation including site surveys, specification/design, hardware acquisition, installation, configuration, security and support as well as network monitoring. Additionally, Suite Solutions offers its customers, and their guests 24/7/365 technical support via email or by toll-free telephone.